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About Little Earth Farms And Nursery

Leading Landscaping Company In Alibaug | Nursery In Alibaug

Little Earth Farms And Nursery is the leading Landscaping Company in Alibaug. Successful in the industry, the brand has earned a well-known position amongst the best commercial landscaping companies in Alibaug, Maharashtra and  also offers services like horticulture and maintenance. The vision and mission that has kept Little Earth going along our promising ‘five year journey’ is our commitment, quality, and authenticity in the work we deliver.


We strongly believe in the essence of nature and the miracles your gardens can do, apart from glorifying both commercial and intimate spaces. The brand is driven in passion and love for ‘Mother Earth’, and receives immense joy in helping her flourish through, by the ways of our business and its goals.


Horticulture and Landscaping requires the strong ability to deliver, and we have been acing it as the years pass by. Our services combine intelligent cost control and multi-layer problem solving into a complete landscape management solution. This has made Little Earth one of the Best Landscaping Companies In Alibaug.

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Our Love For Gardening And Beautifying Spaces :

Landscaping includes everything Science, Art, And Miracles! Gardens not just help flourish a space/property, but help smartly outline a property keeping in mind ergonomics and functional designs for optimum use of an exterior or interior. We love all things Lawns, Gardens, Ponds, Yards, and ‘PLANTS’.  We are here to help you take your landscape to the next level by adding much more aesthetics and value to it.


Little Earth Farms And Nursery expertises in Commercial Landscaping, Designing Functional Green Outdoor Spaces, Maintenance of Landscapes, Horticulture, Pest and Rodent Eradication Services, Designing Trendy Lawns, Crafting picture-perfect Yards, Weeding & Pruning, and much more!

Creating Zen Gardens With Ornamental Plantations Is What We Love!

Japanese Garden

Why Choose Little Earth As Your Landscape Designer?

There are multiple apps and inspo-sites that will help you DIY design your space. What’s the difference between a self-made garden area and hiring a professional landscaping company?


Landscaping a home or a commercial space is time consuming, takes years of practice, professional design skills, and tools. Crafting a beautifully completed garden, or a nicely sod lawn is something that can be achieved only with a Landscaping Expert. Hiring the most Reputed and Well-Known landscaping company in Alibaug will be the best decision to make in terms of a good investment in your space.


If you’re ready to add some lovely greens, magical trees, and rare native plants to the property, we are here to put together a bunch of functional landscape designs for you!


Feel Free To Get In Touch With The Landscaping Experts!

How does it works?

Requirement analysis

To maintain the green space at your community or office, we will first make a visit to the site and understand the requirement.


We will then share a proposal complete with Current State of the Garden, Areas of Improvement, Manpower details for the Maintenance, Tools required, fertilizers and pesticide requirement, applicable Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators etc.


We start services once we mutually sign the contract and agreement.


Garden maintenance for residential and commercial clients. Ensuring your garden will look beautiful all year round.

To maintain the green space at your community or office, we will first make a visit to the site and understand the requirement.

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Commercial Landscaping/Horticulture & Maintenance Services


Available Products

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